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How to get financial support?

Fiancial support is available with the aim of making it more affordable for people to install PV systems at their homes or businesses through discounted loans and rebates.

The rebate scheme for grid-connected rooftop installations will reimburse households up to SCR 25,000 when installing a PV system. For commercial entities, the maximum amount available under the rebate scheme is SCR 90,000.

Discounted loans are also available from Barclays, Nouvobanq, MCB and other banks under the Seychelles Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programme (SEEREP).  Interest rates for commercial projects are between 5% (up to Rs 1 million) and 7% (up to Rs 3 million).

For further information, please contact:

Mr Tony Imaduwa
Seychelles Energy Commission
Room 307, 3rd Floor, Block B, Unity House
(+248 )4 610 819

Financial Rebate Application Form

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